Aqua One Stellar Air Pump Spare Parts

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Aqua One Stellar Air Pumps Online

The Aqua One Stellar air pumps have a sleek design and are well built. They are available in 6 sizes, making it easy to find the correct air pump for your aquarium.

The Stellar 50, 60, 110, and 200 are single outlet air pumps and great for small to large aquariums.

The Stellar 200D and Stellar 380D are dual outlet air pumps and ideal for medium to larger aquariums. The twin outlets allow you to run multiple air stones, air-operated sponge filters, air-operated ornaments, or larger air discs/stones.

Aqua One Stellar Air Pumps Spare Parts Online

The Stellar air pumps have a silicone rubber diaphragm inside the pump that pushes essential oxygen through air tubing into the aquarium. Over time these diaphragms tear or wear out resulting in a loss of airflow or a noisy air pump. Replacing the diaphragm will keep your air pump working like new again.

We recommend replacing the diaphragms annually. Keep a spare set of diaphragms on hand for when they wear out.

Buy your replacement Stellar air pump diaphragms at Aquarium Kingdom's online shop. We also have everything you need like air tubing, air stones, and air pump accessories to set up your fish tank air pump.