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Discus are not just any type of fish — they’re a magnificent tropical breed, so of course you’ll want nothing less than the best food for your discus fish. At Aquarium Kingdom, we know that discus can neither thrive nor survive on aquarium goldfish food. They need tropical fish food — sometimes made specifically for their own species!


Our online collection has no shortage of discus fish food for sale, so be sure to scale the entire range carefully. We have everything from discus granules to frozen discus food!



Food for Discus Fish: Let’s Discuss


If you’re wondering why discus can’t consume regular aquarium fish food, here’s the short answer: it comes down to the macronutrient breakdown. While goldfish require a carbohydrate-rich diet, tropical fish such as discus prefer to go ‘low carb/high protein’. Like many humans who frequent the gym, discus beef up on protein to fuel a more active lifestyle. Their ideal diet comprises 45–55 per cent protein, which they need to support their muscle growth and overall health.


As the ‘gym bros’ of the fish tank, discus like to load up on animal proteins such as worms or shrimp. The best flake food for discus contains animal proteins — often other fish species, such as krill or herring — as well as some plant-based additions such as vegetable extract or spirulina. Freeze-dried or frozen discus food is also a fantastic option, as it emulates the act of catching an animal in the wild. Buy some freeze-dried worms for your discus and see how they like it!


Different Kettles of Fish


Do you have other fish species living at home or in your office? As well as the best discus fish food, we also stock nutritious sustenance for all the other fish in the sea — or aquarium, as the case may be. Those with Siamese fighting fish will find themselves fighting for our finest betta fish food. Or, if your fish are still in their infancy, perhaps some baby fish food would be more your speed. 


When it comes to our marine frozen fish food and discus food for sale, there is some overlap: both feature those famous freeze-dried worms. But whatever food you’re feeding your fish, all aquarium enthusiasts will appreciate the automatic fish feeder: a hands-free feeding device you can use when you’re feeling lazy or going on holiday.


Buy the Best Food for Discus Fish at Aquarium Kingdom


From discus granules to frozen discus food, we have the variety of sustenance your ‘gym bro’ of a tropical fish requires to live a healthy and well-nourished life. Feed your fishy friends today with the best discus fish food — available at Aquarium Kingdom!


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