Sera Marin Precision Hydrometer

For the uncomplicated monitoring of marine water density. The salinity (salt contents) can be deduced from the measured density. 

Since the salinity of marine water in an aquarium must be kept constant, the aquarium water should regularly be checked accordingly. The water to be tested is filled into a sufficiently tall water glass, and the scale of the immersed hydrometer is read off on according to its immersion depth.

  • Suitable for use in saltwater aquariums
  • Easy, accurate readings of temperature and specific gravity
  • Green indicators show safe range of salt level and temperature for most salt water species

Length: 168mm


Width: 17mm

Aqua One Order Number - 10308


Brand Sera
Model # S08910
Barcode # 4001942089104
Shipping Weight 0.0500kg