Aqua One Air Stone Stick - 10cm / 4 inch

Air Stones circulate aquarium water, generating oxygen whilst providing environmental enrichment. By breaking the surface tension of the water, oxygen may be absorbed into the water. Filtration system performance and overall water quality will be greatly improved with a greater oxygen content in the water.

  • Increases water circulation
  • Bubbles make a great feature in any aquarium
  • Stick type Air Stone
  • Made of mineral sand material

Aqua One Order Number - 10139

Aquarium Kingdom Tips

Keep the air stone level as this will ensure bubbles along the entire length of the stone. Also, please keep in mind the longer the air stone, the bigger the pump required to run it.


Brand Aqua One
Model # 10139
Barcode # 9325136002454
Shipping Weight 0.0500kg