Aqua One BioNood - Ceramic Noodles 1.2kg

  • Creates biological stability in your aquarium by providing the ideal environment for beneficial bacteria
  • Biological, mechanical filtration: Attacks the waste produced in your aquarium
  • Suitable for freshwater or saltwater aquariums
  • Includes netting bag

How does Aqua One BioNood work?
Ceramic noodles are highly porous and provide the ideal environment for beneficial bacteria to grow on. Bacteria are necessary in the filtration process and the Ceramic Noodles act as a Mechanical/Biological filter. Large waste particles naturally created by excess food and faecal matter in your aquarium are caught and ingested by the bacteria therefore removing and reducing the potential toxicity of the waste.

Why is it important to remove the large waste particles from your aquarium?
The biological cycle of your aquarium creates a process where excess food, faecal matter and urea, results in the natural generation of Ammonia (NH4). Ammonia in high concentrations becomes lethal to aquatic animals and can also affect other water quality parameters such as pH and oxygen. Aqua One BioNood greatly reduces the risk of Ammonia toxicity and the effects of unstable water quality when introduced into your aquarium.

How often should I use Ceramic Noodles?
Ceramic Noodles should be used as a permanent filter media providing long life and very little maintenance.

Should I clean the Ceramic Noodles?
Ceramic Noodles provide surface area for the Beneficial Bacteria essential to the filtration process. Bacteria colonies are extremely fragile and therefore the rule used is to disturb them as little as possible. Occasionally you will need to rinse the excess waste from the Noodles. This should be done in a bucket using aquarium water only. This will maintain the health of the bacteria living on the noodles and ensures that the filtration process continues.

Set Up Instructions
Aqua One BioNood should be rinsed in aquarium water before you place it in your filter. Simply remove a small amount of water from your aquarium, rinse the Noodles and place it in your filter. Bacteria colonies take time to develop, usually 3-4 weeks and it is during this period that water quality parameters such as Ammonia and pH are monitored closely. For existing aquariums, it is recommended that you introduce the Noodles with existing Biological media; this will help to ensure bacteria growth on the new Noodles. For new aquariums, it is recommended that you only lightly stock with aquatic animals during the 3-4 week bacteria colonisation period.


Brand Aqua One
Model # 10436
Barcode # 9325136051995
Shipping Weight 1.4500kg