Pond One Prefilter Sponge - PM1500 and PMMKII 1300-4900 - 95x95x200mm

The prefilter sponge connects to the intake of the Pond One Pondmaster range of pond pumps to allow a larger water intake area reducing the stress on your pond pump.

The blue open cell foam traps larger debris and dead leaves so they don't get clogged up in your filter. The Blue foam is a superb water filtration material because it provides a good home for nitrifying filtration bacteria to grow and to break down fish waste in your pond.

Suitable for

  • Pond One Pondamster PM1500
  • Pond One Pondmaster MKII 1300-4900
  • Aqua One Moray Pumps 1300-4900
  • For use on smaller pond pumps, remove the larger adapter to reveal the smaller thread

Pond One Pondmaster Prefilter Sponge Medium:

  • Easy to change and wash
  • Great pre filter
  • Robust Design
  • Traps large particles and waste
  • Biological filter sponge

Size: 95 x 95 x 200mm

Pond One Spare Part Number: 11007

Aquarium Kingdom Tips

Rinse the foam in your filter in some aquarium water only. It is not desirable to get the foam absolutely clean but rather to remove the majority of the waste matter so that water can flow through it easily.


Brand Pond One
Model # 11007
Barcode # 9325136030259
Shipping Weight 0.1500kg