Pond One Diaphragm for O2 Plus 12000 Air Pump

The Pond One Diaphragms are the moving parts within the O2 Pond Air Pump Blowers. Over time the diaphragm stretches and can split, reducing the air output of the pond air pump. Replacing both the diaphragms and the flapper valve with housings (Sold separately) at the same time will ensure your air pump works to its full potential.

The replacement diaphragm is suitable for:

  • Pond One O2 Plus 12000 Blower Air Pump (#93067)

Diaphragm measures:

  • Approx 80mm in diameter


  • 1 x Diaphragm

Pond One Replacement Part Number - 11524


Brand Pond One
Model # 11524
Barcode # 9325136054026
Shipping Weight 0.0500kg