Aqua One Black Sponge Pad 3S (2 Pack) - AquaStyle 620/620T

Aqua One Genuine Replacement Black Sponge Filter Pads designed for:

  • AquaStyle 620 Aquariums / AR 620
  • AquaStyle 620T Aquariums
  • AquaMode 900 Aquariums


  • 2 x Black Filter Sponges
  • Larger Sponge measures 25.5cm x 12.5cm
  • Smaller Sponge measures 19cm x 12.5cm

Aqua One Spare Part Number - 25003s

Aquarium Kingdom Tips

  • Use a cleaning brush to regularly clean the Powerhead and Impeller as this will prolong the life of the pump.
  • Use water from the aquarium to rinse out the filter media every 2-3 weeks or as required. DO NOT use tap water as this will kill the beneficial bacteria living in the filter media which breaks down the fish waste and keeps your water crystal clear.


Brand Aqua One
Model # 25003S
Barcode # 9325136049190
Shipping Weight 0.0500kg