Aqua One Impeller Set 39i - Aquis 1000/1200 Canister Filter

The Aqua One Impeller & Shaft set 39i is a genuine replacement part for the following filters:

  • Aqua One Aquis 1000 and 1200 external canister filters
  • Via Aqua Canister Filters 650 & 750
  • JBL 500 canister filter

Aqua One Spare Part Number - 25039i

Aquarium Kingdom Tips
Maintaining the cleanliness of the motor and the impeller is important for keeping your Aqua One canister filter running smoothly. The impeller is responsible for pumping the water, so it is crucial that it is free of any blockages or buildup. A simple clean with a filter brush can help remove any debris or buildup that may hinder the impeller's performance. By following this simple maintenance step, you can ensure that your Aqua One Aquis Canister filter is functioning optimally and providing the best possible filtration for your aquarium.


The replacement impeller set includes:

  • 1 x 39i Impeller
  • 1 x Ceramic Shaft
  • 2 x Rubber bushings
Brand Aqua One
Model # 25039I
Barcode # 9325136003161
Shipping Weight 0.0900kg