Aqua One 126, 380 Complete Top Filter Set (Gloss Black)

The Aqua One trickle top filters provide great water quality and total ease of maintenance.

Original Aqua One replacement part and guaranteed to fit:

  • Aqua One AquaStyle 126 / AR 126 Aquariums
  • Aqua One AquaStyle 380 / AR 380 Aquariums
  • Aqua One AquaMode 600

Benefits of the Aqua One 126, 380 Complete Top Filter Set (Gloss Black):

  • Easy to assemble
  • Simple to maintain

Colour: Gloss Black

Aqua One Spare Part Number: 59308GBK

Aquarium Kingdom Tips
Rinse the black foam sponges and ceramic rings in a bucket filled with a small amount of water from the aquarium. Discard the used water afterwards, do not add it back into the aquarium. Replace the carbon filter cartridges every 6-8 weeks for optimum filter performance.


Complete Top Filter Set includes:

  • Aqua One Powerhead 380 Pump (10948BK)
  • Intake pipe and strainer
  • Elbow and spray bar
  • Carbon Cartridge 1C
  • Black Sponge Foam Pad 1S
  • Ceramic noodles
  • GLOSS Black filter Body
Brand Aqua One
Model # 59308GBK
Barcode # 9325136138900
Shipping Weight 1.2000kg