Aqua One Goldfish Conditioning Salt 500g

Fish absorb a number of vital mineral through their skin and gills. Aqua One conditioning salts replenish natural minerals that are deficient in tap water as well as minerals that are removed from aquarium plants and fish. These salts will help to ensure long term health of aquarium fish while replicating conditions found in natural waterways.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for Coldwater & Tropical Aquariums
  • Treats up to 2500 Litres
  • Increases natural mucus protection
  • Adds electrolytes

Use the spoon provided.
Add 2g (1 level spoon) of salt per 10L of water.

Please note: This product may cause a slight increase in pH and it is recommended that the pH is checked after adding conditioning salts using an Aqua One pH test kit.

Aqua One Item Number - 92092


Brand Aqua One
Model # 92092
Barcode # 9325136078961
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