Aqua One Aquis 750 Series II Silver Canister Filter

The Aquis Pro External Canister filter range combines state-of-the-art professional filter technology with vastly superior biological filter media.

The Aquis models 550 to 1250 benefit from an Easy Start Primer that allows simple installation and a quick start without any spills.


  • Professional quality filtration including superior biological filter media
  • Easy Start Primer for simple installation and quick start without spills
  • Quick release hoses for simple, quick, mess free maintenance
  • Modular design enables customisation of filter media
  • Quiet, energy efficient and powerful
  • Designed to go under the aquarium, in the cabinet

What's Included:

  • Aquis Series II Canister Filter 750
  • Inlet/Outlet U-Pipes and Strainer
  • Spray bars and Duck bill attachments and connectors
  • 6x Hose Suction Cups
  • 2x approx 1.5m (Ø12mm) hosing
  • 2x Canister Taps
  • Filter Media (1x Wool, 3x Sponges (2 Blue, 1 Black), Premium Noodles and Premium Substrate)
Model Maximum Flow Rate** Aquarium Volume Power Consumption Filter Volume Max Head Height
550 550 L/h 60-120 L 12.5 Watts 5.0 L 1.4 m
750 650 L/h 100-220 L 12.5 Watts 6.0 L 1.4 m
1050 1250 L/h 200-300 L 28 Watts 8.5 L 2.0 m
1250 1400 L/h 250-400 L 28 Watts 12.0 L 2.0 m

**Maximum flow rates are based on measurements taken as the water exits the filter unit when it is positioned next to the aquarium with no filter media in the canister.

Aqua One Part Number - 94102


Brand Aqua One
Model # 94102
Barcode # 9325136054507
Shipping Weight 5.5000kg