Pond One Algae Eliminator Blocks - 1kg Bulk Pack (50x20g Blocks)

The Pond One Pond algae block are so easy to use, great as a preventative or when algae first appears or after cleaning an algae infested pond. Just drop the block into your pond and let it dissolve. It will clear your pond of algae, leaving your pond crystal clear.

For Use in Freshwater Ponds / Tanks with Koi and Goldfish


To control algae, break up the blocks and add one square piece of Pond Algae Block per 200L or one complete block per 800L of water.

Blocks will dissolve over 7-14 days depending on water conditions and circulation.

If possible, control the amount of amount of sunlight or artificial light to reduce the growth of algae.

Repeat only when algae reappears.

To prevent oxygen depletion, remove heavy algae growth mechanically before treatment and aerate the water after


50 x 20g Blocks which can be broken up. Each square piece treats 200L. 1kg Total

Pond One Order Number: 95009


Brand Pond One
Model # 95009
Barcode # 9325136015089
Shipping Weight 1.3500kg