Dymax AC/DC Aquarium Air Pump AP1000

The Dymax AC/DC Air Pump AP1000 is designed to serve as a backup system during a power failure or for outdoor activities such as fishing trips. In AC mode, the AP1000 functions as a standard air pump, drawing power directly from a powerpoint. Meanwhile, the rechargeable battery is simultaneously charged and held in reserve to provide backup power should a power outage occur.

In the event of a power outage, the unit will switch to DC mode automatically, using reserve power. It also features a 3-way control switch that functions differently depending on whether the unit is in AC or DC mode. In AC mode, the switch can be set to OFF, HI, or LO. When in DC mode, setting the switch to HI will keep the air pump running until the battery is depleted, while setting it to LO will make the air pump run at 50-second intervals to extend the backup time by conserving energy.

The Dymax AC DC Air Pump AP1000’s lithium battery has an impressive operating time of over 40 hours. This extended run time gives you peace of mind during power outages, that the air pump will continue to supply oxygen to your fish.


  • Twin outlet.
  • Ideal for use when transporting live fish, bait, or during a power failure
  • Aerate your fish tank like a regular aquarium air pump
  • Battery backup when power cuts out
  • Compact design for easy portability
  • Suitable for coldwater, tropical & marine

Item Specifics:

  • AC 220-240v 50Hz
  • DC 7.4v (rechargeable battery)
  • Power 6 Watts
  • Air Output 250L/H

Putting the battery back up to work:

One of our customers experienced frequent power cuts every January, leading to several incidents of fish loss due to lack of oxygen during office closures over the weekend. So we installed a battery air pump which would come on when power cuts out.

Since the installation a few years ago, the battery backup air pump has successfully prevented any further fish loss during power outages.

Dymax Item Number - DM364



  • 1 x Dymax AC/DC Air Pump AP1000
Brand Dymax
Model # DM364
Barcode # 8885009363644
Shipping Weight 2.0000kg