API Quick Testing Strips 5 in 1 (25 Pack) - GH, KH, PH, NO2, NO3

Aquarium water testing has never been easier.

The quick and accurate way to test for pH, Nitrite, Nitrate, General Hardness and Carbonate Hardness in one easy step. Highly precise colour charts assure accurate test results. Dip strips directly into aquarium.

Large size is packaged in a stay-dry tube with snap-tight cap, offering maximum moisture protection for accurate results. Box includes detailed information leaflet on how to interpret the test results and correct unsafe water conditions.

Expiry Date: 04/2025

Tests for:

  • pH
  • KH - Carbonate Hardness
  • GH - General Hardenss
  • Nitrate
  • Nitrite


API Quick Testing Strips 5 in 1 (25 Pack) includes:

  • 25 test strips
  • Stay-dry tube with snap-tight cap
  • Instruction booklet
Brand API
Model # 33G
Barcode # 0317163070338
Shipping Weight 0.0900kg