API Ammo-Carb 567g - Ammonia Remover/Activated Carbon Filter Media

The dual-action API® Ammo-Carb mixes Ammo-Chips and Activated Filter Carbon to rid aquarium water of dissolved organic materials, ammonia, colors, and odors, all of which are harmful to fish and may result in fish loss.

For use when starting or maintaining an aquarium. Product should be replaced monthly or sooner if aquarium is heavily stocked, or if ammonia, colors, and odors are detected.

Made in USA

Removes Ammonia and clears Water:

  • Ammonia is the #1 Killer of tropical fish
  • Promotes fish health by improving water quality
  • Helps to remove dissolved organic materials and deadly ammonia.
  • Use in any aquarium filter


Brand API
Model # 80B
Barcode # 0017163016809
Shipping Weight 0.7500kg