API Plant Growth Combo

We've put together this combo to help promote plant growth in your planted aquarium.

The API Plant Growth Combo contains:

  • 1 x API Leaf Zone 473ml
  • 1 x API CO2 Booster 473ml

API Plant Growth Combo Benefits:

  • Great size for medium to large-sized tanks.
  • By purchasing larger sizes you're getting better value.
  • Instead of buying them individually, save money by purchasing them as a combo.
  • Leaf Zone and CO2 Booster complement each other and are often used together.

API Leaf Zone Benefits:

  • Contains iron & potassium for lush, colourful leaves and a vibrant planted aquarium.
  • Formulated for rapid absorption through plant leaves, and works to promote aquarium plant growth.

API CO2 Booster Benefits:

  • Adds essential liquid carbon for planted aquariums to fuel the photosynthetic process and turn light energy into new plant growth.
  • Supplies simple carbon compounds, and slowly releases CO2 to aquarium plants.
  • Safe for use with freshwater fish, and will not alter pH.


What's included in this combo:

  • 1 x API Leaf Zone 473ml
  • 1 x API CO2 Booster 473ml
Brand API
Model # 576J_579E
Shipping Weight 1.1800kg