API Pondcare Melafix 473mL

API® POND MELAFIX fish remedy acts as an all-natural, antibacterial remedy for koi and goldfish diseases, including eye cloud, mouth fungus, fin & tail rot, damaged fins, ulcers, and open wounds. Use if you notice these symptoms among fish in your pond, or when adding new fish. POND MELAFIX fish remedy is safe for snails and other invertebrates, and will not harm aquatic plants, affect pH, or adversely affect your pond’s natural biological filter.

Expiry Date: 07/2026


  • Adding fish
  • Smoothing the transition from store to home
  • Treating bacterial infections
  • During fish problem solving

5ml for each 190L


What's included:

  • 1 x API Pondcare Melafix 473mL.
Brand API
Barcode # 0317163921760
Shipping Weight 0.5500kg