Aqua One Aquis 700 Canister Filter

The Aqua One Aquis Canister Filter range offer a far superior level of both mechanical and biological filtration.
The superior motor design provides quiet and energy efficient operation plus a modular design which allows for a variety of media.


  • A distinctively superior filtration system
  • Powerful, quiet & energy efficient operation
  • Ideal for fresh water and marine aquariums
  • Modular design allows for a variety of media
  • Quick release taps, heavy duty clips and carry handle for safe and simple maintenance
  • Designed to go under the aquarium, in the cabinet
Model Operating Flow Rate* Maximum Flow Rate** Aquarium Volume Power Consumption Filter Volume Max Head Height
500 350 L/h 500 L/h 100 L 15 Watt 5.0 L 1.5 m
700 400 L/h 600 L/h 150 L 20 Watt 6.5 L 1.7 m
1000 700 L/h 1000 L/h 200 L 30 Watt 8.5 L 1.8 m
1200 750 L/h 1100 L/h 250 L 35 Watt 12 L 2.0 m

*Operating flow rates are based on a typical set-up with the canister filter placed under the aquarium, in a cabinet complete with filter media, pumping to a total height of 120cm, not including spray bar or duck bill attachment.
**Maximum flow rates are based on measurements taken as the water exits the filter unit when it is positioned next to the aquarium with no filter media in the canister.

Aqua One Part Number - 11182


What's Included:

  • Aqua One Aquis 700 Canister Filter
  • Inlet U-Pipes and intake strainer
  • Outlet U-pipes with spray bars and duck bill attachments and connectors
  • 6x Hose suction cups with clips
  • 2x 12/16mm filter hose approx 1.5m each length
  • 2x in and out canister filter taps
  • Filter Media (1x fine filter wool, 3x foam sponges (2 blue and 1 black), BioNood ceramic noodles and bio balls)
  • Australian aproved power plug
Brand Aqua One
Model # 11182
Barcode # 9325136020564
Shipping Weight 5.0000kg