Aqua One ChemiZee Zeolite 2kg

  • Removes harmful Ammonia from your aquarium water
  • Made from natural mineral
  • Suitable for all types of filtration
  • Includes netting bag (15 x 20 cm)

Aqua One ChemiZee can be used in all types of filtration for freshwater or saltwater aquariums

How does Aqua One ChemiZee work?
Zeolite is a natural mineral formed when volcanic ash settles on water beds such as oceans or lakes, where a chemical reaction with saltwater forms a glass stone like substance. Zeolite is highly porous, allowing water to pass through the stone where a chemical exchange takes place. Highly charged Ions from the Zeolite exchange with Ammonia (NH4) in the water, resulting in the removal of this Ammonia from the water.

Why is it important to remove Ammonia from your aquarium?
The biological cycle of your aquarium creates a process where excess food, faecal matter and urea, results in the natural generation of Ammonia (NH4). Ammonia in high concentrations becomes lethal to aquatic animals and therefore it is necessary to monitor Ammonia concentrations by the use of an Ammonia (NH4) test kit. Aqua One ChemiZee greatly reduces the risk of Ammonia toxicity to the aquarium animals when introduced into your filtration.

Why is it important to replace Zeolite in your filter?
The chemical exchange properties of Zeolite using charged Ions means, Zeolites has a use life. The life of your zeolite can vary depending on the Ammonia (NH4) concentrations in your aquarium. When high Ammonia concentrations are present, the zeolite should be replaced every few days.

How often should I use Zeolite?
Zeolite can be used all the time. It should be used in your filter and disposed/replaced when the Zeolite's life has expired. The life of Zeolite can be monitored by use of an Ammonia (NH4) test kit. If Ammonia concentrations are present and or increasing, it is time to replace the zeolite.

Of course, Zeolite does not substitute for good aquarium keeping practices. Zeolite should be used as a preventative or treatment: not a cure for prolonged Ammonia concentrations in your aquarium.

Set Up instructions
Aqua One ChemiZee should be rinsed in aquarium water before you place it in your aquarium. Simply remove a small amount of water from your aquarium, rinse the zeolite and place it in your filter.


Brand Aqua One
Model # 10439
Barcode # 9325136052008
Shipping Weight 2.3000kg