Aqua One Intake Sponge 91S for ClearView 75 (25091S)

The Aqua One Intake sponge 91S is designed for:

  • ClearView 75 Hang On External Filters

Black Prefilter Filter Sponge goes on the intake of the ClearView 75 hang-on filter:

  • 1 Coarse black sponge per pack
  • Biological filter Sponge
  • Replace every 8-12 weeks

Please Note: The prefilter effectively prevents plant matter or fish from being drawn into the intake, while the coarse sponge may still allow smaller baby fish and baby shrimps to be sucked up into the filter./em>

Aqua One Spare Part Number - 25091S

Aquarium Kingdom Tips

When cleaning the sponge always use water from the aquarium, not tap water. By doing this you can avoid killing the beneficial bacteria that break down fish waste in your aquarium.


Brand Aqua One
Model # 25091S
Barcode # 9325136141887
Shipping Weight 0.0200kg