Aqua One PVC Encased Air Stone - 25 cm / 10 inch

Air stones are a beneficial addition to your aquarium because they help circulate the water and provide environmental enrichment by generating oxygen. They do this by creating small bubbles that break the surface tension of the water and allow oxygen to dissolve into it. Having more oxygen in the water leads to better water quality and improves the performance of your filtration system.


  • Provides ample oxygen and water movement within your aquarium.
  • Beneficial for releasing carbon dioxide build-up.
  • Releases small bubbles which are gentle enough not to disturb your aquatic inhabitants.
  • Encourage the growth of healthy bacteria.
  • Can attract active schooling fish and strong swimmers who often enjoy playing with small bubble currents.
  • Intended to be used with an air pump, check valve and airline tubing (these can be purchased separately).


  • Airstone length: 25cm
  • Airstone nozzle length: 1.5cm
  • Length with nozzle: 26.5cm
  • Width including green PVC: 2cm
  • Airstone width: 1.2cm
  • Depth: 1.5cm

Aquarium Kingdom Tips

Keep the air stone level as this will ensure bubbles along the entire length of the stone. Also, please keep in mind the longer the air stone, the bigger the pump required to run it.

Aqua One Order Number - 10131



1 x Aqua One PVC Encased Air Stone Stick - 25cm / 10inch

Brand Aqua One
Model # 10131
Barcode # 9325136017694
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