Lee's Gravel Cleaner - Medium (10")

Water changing is an important part of keeping your aquarium clean. Fish waste and excess food settle on the bottom of the tank in the gravel and substrate. Using a gravel vacuum you can easily remove the debris from the bottom of your aquarium, while doing a water change at the same time.

Key Features

  • Self-start siphon
  • Use regularly to keep gravel clean
  • Easy to use
  • Ultra hose clip included

Please note: The 10" vacuum does not include the wide outlet nozzle as pictured

Size: 2" diameter x 10" long

Item number: LA07

Aquarium Kingdom Tips

The gravel vacuum is easy to use. Connect the clear hose (provided) to the gravel vacuum. Clip the other end of the hose to the bucket or buy some more hosing and run it outside into the garden so you don't have to lift buckets around the house.

To start the vacuum. Just dip the vacuum at a 45 degree angle into the aquarium until the Self start valve (blue bit) of the vacuum is under water. Now push the vacuum up and down a few times and the water should start to flow. Now all you do is push the vacuum into the gravel and watch the dirt come out. Move this along the bottom of the aquarium until the gravel is clean or once enough water has been taken out.


Brand Lee's Aquarium
Model # 11555
Barcode # 0010838115555
Shipping Weight 0.4500kg