Ceramic Dome Shaped Air Stone 150mm

The large Dome air stones have a low mound design which provides them with a large surface area to produce lots of bubbles and aeration for your aquarium, pond or aquaponics system.

This large Air Stone measures 15cm in diameter and 8cm in height, It has a dual-sized metal inlet that fits standard 4mm and 8mm air line hose and outputs an amazing 30L/min of aeration.

  • Increases water circulation
  • Bubbles make a great feature in any aquarium
  • Made from quality carborundum stone

Whether you have an aquarium, pond, septic tank, or hydroponic system, these ceramic dome airstones are the perfect choice for enhancing oxygenation and maintaining a healthy environment.

Aquarium Kingdom Tips

Please keep in mind the larger the air dome, the bigger the pump required to run it.


What's included:

  • 1 x Ceramic Dome Shaped Air Stone 15cm.
Brand Generic
Model # ZL-ASC997
Shipping Weight 1.0100kg