Dymax Algae Wafers Supreme 160g - 7mm x 2.5mm Sinking Wafers

Introducing Dymax Algae Wafers Supreme! Dive into a world of nutritious indulgence for your bottom-feeding tropical fish and catfish. Packed with high levels of spirulina these sinking wafers are ideal for catfish, bristlenose catfish, plecostomus, algae eaters, and other bottom-feeding fish.

The unique disc shape and fast-sinking design prevent unnecessary food waste and promote natural feeding behaviors in bottom-dwelling species. As the wafer retains its shape while being consumed gradually, you can relish the sight of your aquatic friends enjoying a delightful dining experience.

Expiry Date: 10/2025


  • High levels of nutritious spirulina contents preferable for sucking catfish, plecostomus, and other bottom-feeding fish
  • A perfect balance of premium selected ingredients developed to promote healthier growth for any herbivorous species
  • Contains high levels of vegetable matter and multiple algaes that plecostomus and other algae eaters prefer
  • The uniquely shaped disc sinks rapidly and retains its shape allowing less aggressive species to nibble over a longer period

Ideal for:

  • Catfish, bristlenose catfish, plecostomus, algae eaters, and other bottom-feeding fish.

Feeding recommendation:

  • Feed 1 to 2 times daily, the amount your fish will consume within half an hour. Care should be taken to avoid over-feeding.
  • It's important to remove any leftover food after feeding to prevent potential water quality problems.

Guaranteed Analysis:

  • Crude Protein Min. 42 %
  • Crude Fat Min. 6%
  • Crude Fiber Max. 5%
  • Moisture Max. 10%
  • Phosphorus Min 1.2%
  • Crude Ash Max. 18%


What's included:

  • 1 x Dymax Algae Wafers Supreme 160g - 7mm Sinking Wafers
Brand Dymax
Model # DM462
Barcode # 8885009364627
Shipping Weight 0.3500kg