Dymax LCD Electronic Digital Thermometer

The Dymax Digital thermometer features a large, easy-to-read digital display that allows you to monitor the temperature in your aquarium at a glance effortlessly. With its clear and prominent display, you can stay on top of your aquarium's temperature without hassle.

It is easily mounted to the outside of the aquarium glass with a probe that goes inside the tank to measure the water temperature.

Easy-to-use digital thermometer:

  • New Australian Approved Design
  • Large, easy-to-read LCD display
  • Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature selections
  • Can be used for coldwater, freshwater, or saltwater aquariums

What kind of battery does this thermometer use?

The Dymax Digital Aquarium Thermometer uses an LR44 cell battery and is included with the thermometer.

Dymax Item Number - DM229


What's included:

  • Dymax Digital Aquarium Thermometer with probe and suction cup
  • LR44 Battery included inside
Brand Dymax
Model # DM229
Barcode # 8885009362296
Shipping Weight 0.0500kg