Eheim Foam Filter Cartridge For Pickup 60/2008 - 2 Pack

The Eheim Genuine Replacement Foam Filter Cartridges are designed for:

  • Eheim Pickup 60/2008 Internal Filter

The Eheim Pick Up 2008 foam filter effectively traps dirt particles, preventing them from circulating back into the aquarium water. This mechanical filtration ensures a cleaner and healthier aquatic environment for your fish and plants. Unlike disposable filters, the Eheim Pick Up 2008 foam can be reused multiple times over, offering long-lasting value. Simply rinse and squeeze out the trapped debris with aquarium water and it is good to go back into your filter.


  • Foam Pad measures 55mm x 55mm x 130mm High with a 25mm diameter center hole cut out in the middle.

Eheim Spare Part Number - EH2617080



  • 2 x Foam/Sponge filter cartridges for 2008
Brand Eheim
Model # EH2617080
Barcode # 4011708260371
Shipping Weight 0.0400kg