Eheim Karbon 1L - Activated Carbon

Filter carbon for clear aquarium water – especially for new tank installations

EHEIM KARBON excels in water purification, especially during the initial setup phase of an aquarium. It effectively removes chlorine present in tap water and other potentially harmful chemical substances that may infiltrate the aquarium during installation.

For optimal results, EHEIM KARBON should be employed for a brief period (approximately 4 weeks) following the placement of mechanical filtration (such as EHEIM MECH or MECHpro) and biological filter media (like EHEIM SUBSTRATpro) in the supplied net bag during the layering setup.


  • Binds chlorine and other chemical substances
  • Use during set-up or after treatment with medications
  • Use for a short period (approx. 4 weeks)
  • For freshwater use only


It's advisable to limit the use of adsorptive filter media to a few weeks, as they only temporarily bind to harmful substances. Over time, these substances can detach and re-enter the water. It's important to replace the Eheim Karbon regularly to maintain its effectiveness. However, Eheim Karbon is generally only necessary during initial aquarium setup or following medication treatments.


Brand Eheim
Model # 2501051
Barcode # 4011708250488
Shipping Weight 0.4300kg