Fluval C4 Ammonia Remover - 3 x 290g Pack - C4 Hang on Filter (14016)

Fluval genuine replacement ammonia remover is designed for:

  • Fluval C4 Hang on Power Filter (14003)

Fluval® C4 Ammonia Remover effectively removes and controls ammonia and nitrite, which occur naturally as waste breaks down in an aquarium and are toxic to fish and plant life.


  • Chemical filter media
  • Ideal for new or heavily populated freshwater aquariums
  • Reduces fish stress

Hagen Fluval Spare Part Number - 14016



  • 3 x Fluval C4 Ammonia Remover 290g in filter bags
Brand Fluval
Model # 14016
Barcode # 015561140164
Shipping Weight 0.9900kg