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AQUARIUM CLEANING EQUIPMENT & TOOLS - Keep your aquarium clean.

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AQUARIUM CLEANING EQUIPMENT & TOOLS - Keep your aquarium clean.

Keeping your aquarium clean won’t only make your tank look great, but it will also preserve the health and happiness of your fish. Over time nitrates and detritus can build up, which can affect the appearance of your aquarium and the well-being of your pets. Apart from your filters that keep your tank’s water clean, you will still need to clean it regularly. If you need aquarium tank cleaning equipment, you’ve come to the right place. Aquarium Kingdom offers aquarium cleaning tools and fish tank cleaners to keep your tank clean.

How Often Should You Clean Your Tank?

Most aquarium hobbyists wonder about how often they should clean their tanks. This depends on the size of your aquarium, number of fish, types of fish, and the filter system that you currently use. As a general rule, smaller tanks tend to get dirty quicker than larger aquariums because of the smaller volume of water. Also, the more fish you keep the more waste they will produce meaning more frequent water changes are required. We have various fish tank cleaning supplies that can assist you in maintaining your fish tank.


You can spend a few minutes watching them, making sure they behave normally and aren’t gasping for air or seem sluggish. If you’ve noticed those behaviours, you may need some fish tank cleaning tools and do a partial water change, even if you have just changed the water. To keep the glass clean you give the tank a once-over with an aquarium glass cleaner.


For small aquariums, a 20-30% water change weekly can be beneficial to the health and well-being of your pets. For medium to large tanks, a 20-30% water change every fortnight is recommended. You can use your aquarium cleaning supplies such as a sponge or brush to clean the decorative items you have in your tank and use a fish tank glass cleaner or algae scraper to remove any dirt and debris from the glass.


For large tanks, a 20-30% water change is recommended. Testing your water on a monthly basis is essential in maintaining your aquarium. Test for pH, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels. Ideally, water levels should be pretty steady from month to month, so keep a record of your monthly readings to make sure you are maintaining your tank properly. If you see that your water is cloudy, changed its colour, or your fish are behaving abnormally, there might be problems with the water condition. You should also clean your filters once a month.

Aquarium Cleaner - Aquarium Kingdom

Are you in need of aquarium cleaning supplies? Here at Aquarium Kingdom, we have various fish tank cleaning tools perfect for every aquarium. We also carry different products such as algae magnet cleaners, fish tank maintenance tools, aquarium gravel cleaners, and fish net sanitisers. Feel free to browse all our products.