Marina Airline Plastic Check Valve (1 Pack)

The Marina Check Valve prevents water from siphoning out of the aquarium through the air hose and into the air pump in the event of a power failure or when removing filters and other air-driven accessories from the aquarium.

  • Small and Compact
  • Fits standard aquarium air line 4mm inner diameter
  • Allows air to travel in one direction only.
  • Protects pumps from water back siphoning
  • Easy to install - just cut the airline between the air stone and the air pump and insert check valve into air line

Marina Part Number - A1165

Aquarium Kingdom Tips

Ensure a check Valve is used whenever an air pump is positioned at or below the waterline of the aquarium to prevent back-siphoning.


Brand Marina
Model # A1165
Barcode # 0015561111652
Shipping Weight 0.0200kg