Seachem Large Zip Bag - Large Mesh Filter Bag With Zipper 48 x 43cm

  • Durable seams & corrosive-proof zipper secures filter media
  • Excellent choice for most filter media - Seachem Matrix, Phosguard, Matrix Carbon, etc
  • No strings or ties
  • Can be used in most filter types. For example canister filters, hang-on filters, and wet/dry filters
  • Safe to use in fresh or saltwater aquariums
  • Made of large filter mesh

Zip aquarium filter media into a stay-shut, no-spill, no-worries filter mesh bag. The Seachem Zip Bag features a corrosion-proof plastic zipper and durable seams to neatly, and securely contain filter media in your specific aquarium filter setup.

The Seachem Large Zip Bag will easily hold 18 Litres of Filter Media. The large mesh filter bags can be used with most types of filter media.

Size: 48cm x 43cm (19" x 17" inches)

Please note: For Seachem Purigen please use Seachem The Bag as the large Zip bag holes are not fine enough to hold the Purigen.


Brand Seachem
Model # 1505
Barcode # 000116015059
Shipping Weight 0.0400kg