Seachem Zip Bag Sm - Small Mesh Filter Bag With Zipper 32 x 14cm

The Seachem Small Zip Bag is a mesh bag for holding filtration media. It measures 32xm x 14xm and will easily hold 1 Liter of Filter Media. it comes with a convenient corrosion-resistant zipper. It comes with a convenient corrosion-resistant zipper. It has the smallest mesh size in the Zip Bag line and is capable of holding all Seachem filtration media including resins

Zip aquarium filter media into a stay-shut, no-spill, no-worries filter mesh bag. The Seachem Zip Bag features a corrosion-proof plastic zipper and durable seams to neatly, and securely contain filter media in your specific aquarium filter setup.

Small Mesh Suitable for Seachem Purigen.

  • Durable seams & corrosive-proof zipper secures filter media
  • Excellent Choice for all Seachem filter media - Ideal for resins and small media such as Seachem Purigen, Phosguard, MatrixCarbon, etc
  • No Strings or Ties
  • Can be used in most filter types. For example canister filters, hang-on filters, and wet/dry filters.
  • Safe to use in fresh or saltwater aquariums
  • Made of small-sized fine filter mesh

Size: 32cm x 14cm (12.5" x 5.5" inches)


Brand Seachem
Model # 1522
Barcode # 000116015226
Shipping Weight 0.0100kg