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Aquarium Canister / External Filter

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Aquarium Canister / External Filter

When it comes to keeping your aquarium water clean and clear, it’s easy with an external canister filter. Canister filters are popular with fish enthusiasts since they are larger in size than internal filters and hang-on filters. This larger volume allows more mechanical, biological and chemical filter media to grow the beneficial bacteria needed to break down the fish waste.

Canister filters can be used in different setups such as freshwater tanks, turtle tanks and even saltwater aquariums. The flexibility of the different types of filter media available means you can create the perfect filtration system for your tank.

Aquarium Canister Filter Buying Guide

When looking for the best canister filter for your aquarium here are some factors you should consider.

Aquarium size

The most crucial factor when choosing a filter for your aquarium is the size of your tank. Most filters come with a recommended tank size which can make it easier to decide which is the best for your setup. If you are still uncertain, always go for the larger filter. This is because over-filtering won’t hurt your fish, but under-filtering can be harmful to them.

Required flow rate

As a general rule, we recommend a canister filter that can filter the total volume of water in your aquarium at least four times per hour. Compared to most filters, canister filters have a higher flow rate, but they can still vary from brand to brand.

Stocking levels

Another factor that you should consider when buying a canister filter is how heavily stocked your tank is. If you have more fish in your tank, the more waste it will produce; therefore, you’ll need more filtration. A turtle tank will need more filtration compared to a group of small schooling fish.

Aquarium canister filter media

You might want to choose a filter based on how much media it can hold. Most canister filters can hold a few different types of media. These include ceramic noodles, coarse or fine sponges, some biological media and a fine wool filter pad. Chemical filter media like carbon or ammonia removers can also be added.

If you’re looking for a fish tank canister filter, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Aquarium Kingdom, we stock the Aqua One Aquis canister filters, Aqua One Aquis Series II canister filters, Aqua One Nautilus canister filters and also the Eheim Classic canister filters. We also carry a range of replacement canister filter parts, filter accessories, filter media, hang on filters, and internal filters.

For all your aquarium supply needs shop online at Aquarium Kingdom. Browse the range of aquarium filters, including: fish tank filters, canister filters as well as fish food, aquarium air pumps, and fish tank cleaners. Shop the full range online.