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FILTRATION - Aquarium filters to keep the water crystal clear

Filtration is the key to a successful aquarium. Aquarium filters provide a home for beneficial bacteria to grow. As water moves through the filter, the good bacteria breaks down the fish waste to keep your aquarium water crystal clear.

Choose your filter based on the size of your aquarium and the number of fish you keep. There’s a variety of filters out there, from basic sponge filters for fry tanks, to canister filters for larger aquariums. Internal or hang-on filters are also good options for small to medium sized fish tanks.

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Pond One Pondmaster 4900 Fountain Pump Key Features: Quiet and efficient Completely subme..
Pond One Prefilter Sponge Large - PM2100-7200 & PMMKII 1300-4900 - 120x120x295mm The prefilt..
Pond One Prefilter Sponge - PM1500 and PMMKII 1300-4900 - 95x95x200mm The prefilter sponge connec..
Pond One Prefilter Sponge Small - PM800-1000, PMMKII 1300-4900 - 75x75x200mm The prefilter sponge..
Seachem Large Zip Bag - Large Mesh Filter Bag With Zipper 48 x 43cm Durable seams & corr..
Seachem Matrix 1L - Loose Bulk Buy Seachem Matrix is our best selling filter media. Matrix is a ..
Seachem Zip Bag Md - Medium Mesh Filter Bag With Zipper 32 x 14cm The Seachem Medium Zip Bag is a..
Seachem Zip Bag Sm - Small Mesh Filter Bag With Zipper 32 x 14cm The Seachem Small Zip Bag is a m..
Sera Siporax Mini Professional - 130g Biological Filter Media High performance filter medium..
Sera Siporax Mini Professional - 270g Biological Filter Media High performance filter medium..
Sera Siporax Professional - 145g Biological Filter Media Maximum optimization of biological ..
Sera Siporax Professional - 290g / 1000mL Biological Filter Media Maximum optimization of biolog..
UP Aqua Ceramic Cichlid Rock (X-Large) -10%
UP Aqua Ceramic Cichlid Rock - Extra Large (XL) These lightweight ceramic rocks can be stack..
$28.95 $25.99